The Pharmacy – Be Healthy Pharmacy – Limenas Thassos

Welcome to my pharmacy’s new website!

Family tradition and my love for mankind led me to decide on studying at the Greek University and follow my father’s profession. Being in the Pharmacy Trade from a very young age, I have learnt from my father that honesty, integrity along with constant education and specialization all constitute an essential of developing a trustworthy relationship between the pharmacist and the patient.

Human contact, trust and respect that have been shown to me during all these years of my professional career, give me strength to keep up the hard work with priority to your needs and create in this way a contemporary pharmacy according to European standards.

The pharmacist’s profession is based not only on the implementation of medical prescriptions, but also on the primary health care provision, proper pharmaceutical guidance and purchase of safe pharmaceutical products so as to meet your needs.

We would be glad to have you visit our pharmacy and do your shopping in our pleasant environment accompanied with our personnel’s assistance and advice.

Thank you for all the confidence and loyalty you have shown me all these years and I promise to make any possible effort in the years to come so that my pharmacy can correspond to what you require in the best possible way.

Vasileia Matsani


Matsani G. Vasileia Pharmacy is located in the island’s capital, Limenas, Thasos, at the central pedestrian area at 18th Octovriou str., 28. Matsani Pharmacy was founded in 1977 by Matsani brothers and both pharmacists, Evaggelos Matsanis, certified pharmacist and university graduate of the Pharmacy Department of AUTH and his brother George Matsanis, also certified pharmacist and university graduate of the Pharmacy Department of Tubingen, Germany. It is one of the oldest and most widely known pharmacies on Thasos Island with a 40-year old presence in the Pharmacy Trade. In 2010, Vasileia Matsani, George Matsanis’ daughter takes over, who is a university graduate of the Pharmacy Department of University of Patra, carrying on the family tradition.